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Professional Headshot Services


Standard Headshots

  • 3 looks $400.00
  • Additional images prepped for printing: $35
  • 25 images color corrected, on CD: $50
  • 25 4x6 prints: $50
  • Hair and make-up as necessary: $100-150

Children’s Headshots

  • 1 child: $275
  • 2 children during same session: $200 ea

Business Headshots

  • On location: $550

High Concept Promotional Packages

  • starting at $1000.00

(A deposit is required to book any photo session. All remaining fees are payable on the photo session date except where agreed to in advance. Prices do not include applicable taxes.)

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Headshots 1Your acting head shot, your calling card

Your head shot photography session should be fun, like walking on stage or being on camera. It’s the work you love and it is the work that you were meant to do. Your actor head shot is also serious business because it’s your professional introduction to the film and theater community whether they be a producer, a casting director or a talent agent. What you have chosen to say about your acting head shot (and by choosing your head shot photographer) is in fact what you have decided to say about your self as a professional actor. There is no other way to be thinking about your actor head shot. Before you have an opportunity to audition for a role, your actor head shot will have already been put through a pre screening process even before you get a chance to walk in the door. Therefore your actor head shot is your calling card. Your actors head shot is your statement. Your actors head shot is you without you being there. So you should be asking yourself, how can I get the best possible actor head shot that will show me at my very best?

How to get the most out of your photography session

For an actor and a photographer your head shot photography session is about one thing: authenticity. Nothing communicates through a photograph or your head shot as well as natural truth and when you’ve got it you know it!  The qualities we are looking for in your head shot can be summarized thus: attractive, relaxed, at ease and with an accent of containment – keeping a little something just for yourself. Sound complicated? Not really. Actors with a lot of experience will already be familiar with a certain routine, and know how to prepare themselves. Emotionally certain things work for you as an actor and these are the things you want to put in play before your head shot session. It might mean taking a day off and making sure you are eating well, that you are hydrated or just getting a good sleep. For others, it may be a jog or a yoga class, or reading a book. It might be all these things. Remember while you are taking care of the emotional details you are also putting your self in the mood, setting the conditions to get the actors head shot you want.

Technically we will also go over a number of details regarding your hair and makeup, complexion, coloring, wardrobe styles, your product use for hair and face etc. I will ask a few questions and depending on your answers I will be able to make some solid recommendations to you so you know exactly how to prepare. In terms of booking a hair and make-up artist, I have a roster of very capable make up and hair artists who are excellent if this is what you want. If your complexion is fairly clear, a hair and make up person is not often necessary. Ladies your makeup for your head shot photo session should accent your natural features only. No creative non natural colors for eye shadow, lipstick etc. Men often need nothing more that a little powder to even the skin tone and to handle any glare from perspiration that comes from being under the lights. There are a few more questions I need to ask you about with regards to personal product use, and we go over this over the phone as well. What I always recommend for actors before their head shot is a hair trim. Hair hangs beautifully with the ends cut and it will make you feel a lot more free and comfortable on the day of your head shot. Even with a hair and make up person in attendance having some one run in and do finals every 10 minutes really disrupts the flow of the head shot session and untrimmed hair is always the culprit. However the exception is also the rule and some people need a hair and make-up artist! In any event the important thing to remember is I will be able to help you make the right decision based on our discussion over the phone. Also I will follow up with you by e-mail and remind you about what we have discussed. It can be a lot to remember and you don’t want to forget one detail because when the details are all in place  you will feel super comfortable and super confident on the day of your head shot which is what we both want.

Pleasure in your craft

I love working with actors and performers of  all kinds. As a performer for years I loved the detailed attention I would get before a performance from coaches/choreographers/directors. It primed me up like nothing else.  I treat your head shot session in a very similar way to the way I remember excelling as a dancer. On the day it is my job as the photographer to direct your emotional energy, a little or a lot depending on how you read on camera. And it is so much fun! Remember I am here to bring it all together for you and we won’t leave a stone unturned till we get your head shot perfect.

After the final technical details have been organized it is time to set a booking date for your photo session, and get juiced up and ready to have fun – as this is the most important ingredient in getting a great head shot.

An Actor Head shot Photo Session includes:

  • A detailed study of wardrobe hair and make up needs and the specific looks (ie. roles) you are interested in or anticipate auditioning for including commercial, feature film and television work. All the above applies equally to men and women.
  • Three hour photo session (Approximate) shot under studio and natural light to maximize your appeal for different on camera shooting conditions.
  • A private on line gallery for viewing of your images and ordering for web or print.
  • Two images color corrected and retouched for printing.
  • Unlimited archival storage of your images.

Head shots 2

High Concept Promotional Packages

When your are ready to make a statement with your career and you have a specific audience in mind you need concept driven publicity, PR and artwork. Have you just finished a theatre run, or feature film and want to keep the momentum moving forward? Do you have a gallery or CD launch upcoming? Are you a unique entertainer looking to do a crazy promotional stunt? If you are an artist looking to move your image forward at a crucial time a complete promotional package is what you need. Make your audience stand up and take notice. (Please enquire for rates and availability).

Services available include:

  • Art direction and concept development
  • Publicity campaigns
  • Styling
  • Grip and Electric
  • Location scouting
  • Transportation
  • Hair, makeup and wardrobe
  • EPK Crew
  • Film and digital options including 35 mm and medium format 6×7
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