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Level on My Level

Posted: 05/16/11    Categories: Cultural Events, Dance, Dance Photography, Vancouver photo blog

I am always so thrilled to be in the company of such creators as Kevin, Yvonne and Robert. Choreographing this piece took nearly a year and three different cities and I was lucky enough to see it all come together. “Level on my Level” premiered with three other choreographies and was presented by Danceworks in […]

ProArteDanza – passion in performance

Posted: 10/20/10    Categories: Cultural Events, Dance, Dance Photography, Next Steps, ProArteDanza

I have had some time to spend out east in September, and had the good fortune to photograph ProArteDanza’s first feature length work “…in between…” at the Fleck Dance Theater in Toronto. There may be nothing a I like more than shooting production stills for dance because you are tested physically and mentally to be […]

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Quinte Ballet of Canada

Posted: 09/02/09    Categories: Cultural Events, Dance, Vancouver photo blog

Way back in the spring I was taking publicity photos of Quinte Ballet of Canada. Now as the school year approaches and the website is near completion, I thought it was a good time to post some images. I have to say this one of the most enjoyable assignments I have ever had. There will […]

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Paul-Andre Fortier Solo 30×30

Posted: 07/10/09    Categories: Cultural Events, Dance, Dancing on the Edge, Vancouver photo blog

Solo 30×30 Using a daring approach, Solo 30×30, offers an original concept proposed as an event/performance. Designed as a site-specific 30-minute performance, the solo piece is presented outside each day at the same place and at the same time for 30 days. The venue is an unusual place for a show. Although transitory, it is part […]

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Kidd Pivot and “Dark Matters” at Agora de la danse

Posted: 05/15/09    Categories: Dance, Vancouver photo blog

A LITTLE VISUAL BACK STORY on some dark matters….. Created by Vancouyver’s own Crystal Pite, Dark Matters assembles six extraordinairy performers for a moving exploration of human significance in the wake of catastrophe and planetary frailty. This new work grapples with the question of individual impact versus the crushing reality of numbers and distance. In […]

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