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Professional actor headshots – Get Noticed Fast

Posted: 01/19/11    Categories: Actors headshot, Auditions, Cultural Events, Headshots, Publicity Package, Structured improvisation, Talent Agents, Vancouver actors, Vancouver photo blog


My approach to all of my photography wether it is unit stills, fine art, or actor headshots is that there should be something that catches the viewer, something that excites the the person looking at the photograph. In my opinion this is not only the goal of photography but of all art and all creativity. Call me opinionated because I am.  Many of us have heard words similar to the following: “We are all unique, we are all individuals.” – I remember the day when I experienced this with total clarity for the first time and it changed my life for ever. I was with a group of fellow dance students and we were given the most simple theater exercise ever – so I thought. The studio had a black upstage curtain and one at a time, we were asked to walk next to the curtain from upstage left to upstage right. Nothing fancy just walk across the stage. While one person walked everyone else watched and nothing else moved in that studio but the one person on stage. This was the first time that I actually saw and felt how individual we all are in our rhythm, our weight, our energy, our cadence, our posture, our intention…… It was the first look into a bigger but more subtle and more intimate world. And its these unique qualities in each person that I take the time to emphasize and amplify during our photo session, to bring out your uniqueness.

That is s why I am calling my current promotion – Get Noticed Fast.

I want your photos to jump from the inside out. But its not just about the inner actor, it is a total package. My process involves a lot of things and below is the short list of main ideas I am drawing from.

We build wardrobe ideas around stock characters that are both contemporary and archetypal. We emphasize mood and meaning with backgrounds and lighting and we also cover all details with respects to your hair and make up choices. We also talk a little bit about your emotional preparation for your shoot, and where you are in your career and what your aspirations are. These last few things help me to direct you on the day. Once all these details are covered we set a booking date, and your photo session is no longer just a photo session but it is much more like a structured improvisation. One thing you can be absolutely certain of is, now that we have taken care of all the details, your shoot will be a blast! Play time (photo making ) can involve  a ton of different starting points – movement, breath and spine work, sound or script and walking as well! I use lots of different approaches for different actors who are at different ages and at different levels of experience.

All this work is to get the actor in you excited, and focused because the elevation of emotion is absolutely necessary for great photos – photos that stand out and catch the viewers eye.  Emotions change the breath and the expansion of the rib cage, the response of and quality muscles in the body and face, the movement of blood in the capillaries and the response quality and texture of the organ which is your skin. It also changes your scalp which affects your hair the dilation of your eyes and the nostrils. It changes energy movement in the body……. The amazing thing is that while all this is happening it does not happen for any two people the same way. But being alive is a great way to Get Noticed Fast!

And that is exactly what you want to have happen.

The Get Noticed Fast Promotion includes the following:

~ hair, make up and wardrobe consultation
~ about 2 hours of photo coverage time and about 150 photos to choose from
~ an online gallery for viewing your images
~ 2 images retouched and color corrected for printing and forwarded to the photo lab for printing
~ 2 images for web and internet use
~ 2 – 8 x 10’s

Cost: $250 (regular price $300)

If you prefer a 3 look session the fee is $300 (regular price $350)

If you have any questions about the above information, feel free to call me at your convenience, and I look forward to seeing you in the studio!

This promotion ends March 19th.

Dean Buscher


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