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ProArteDanza – passion in performance

Posted: 10/20/10    Categories: Cultural Events, Dance, Dance Photography, Next Steps, ProArteDanza

I have had some time to spend out east in September, and had the good fortune to photograph ProArteDanza’s first feature length work “…in between…” at the Fleck Dance Theater in Toronto. There may be nothing a I like more than shooting production stills for dance because you are tested physically and mentally to be in the right place at the right time, and so much is unexpected and hard to anticipate from choreography you have never seen before. That is what makes dance so exciting! I usually let the photographs do the talking but on this occasion I will also add some words from the program by Artistic Director Roberto Campanella:

“…in between…” represents a calculated artistic risk…. Presenting a a single full evening work is a somewhat radical departure from our past…. The idea was born out of our desire to sink deeply into a single new work and explore the possibilities fully without time constraints. With …in between… Robert Glumbeck and I were drawn to examine the idea of human resilience; our capacity to summon great emotional strength and thrive after the most destabilizing of events. We hope you find the resulting work worthy of the experiment and its universal themes personally resonate.”

My advice go see the show!

For additional images go to main gallery here: ProArteDanza

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