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Headshot Makeover

Posted: 05/07/10    Categories: Actors headshot, Cultural Events, Headshots, Vancouver actors, Vancouver photo blog

(Constanze Mozart digital reproduction of oil portrait by Hans Hansen circa 1802)


The Olympics have come and gone, spring is here and now the production season is soon going to be in full swing. That means its time to brush up your look. On May 26th/27th/28th  I am opening my studio for a special collaboration with hair and make-up artist Robyn Ross. Together Robyn and I will build a series of 3 looks for actors with the intention of giving you a depth, an edge and the distinctive look that’s needed to get you noticed.

So how are we going to do that? Certain looks and stock characters are given emphasis in any era and the entertainment industry today is no different. We are giving special attention to these stock looks and will develop them  keeping in mind the unique aspects of each actor who books a session with us. While you are considering some of these stock looks for your headshot session keep in mind we are not developing character or straying into high style but giving you a placement and tone that will put you on the map.

~Plain Jane/Skid Row/Runaway/Hard Knock Life

This is the makeup, no makeup look for actors that want to show a more vulnerable side and to get the attention of casting directors who are looking for these roles. A more standard headshot would be “too attractive” or too pretty (applies equally to men and women). Of course wardrobe, background, and lighting are a consideration here, and we will bring it all together to make your look right for the part.

~Commercial/Collegiate/High School Student/Mom/Pretty Girl/Natural or “Green” Look

With this look we are showing you off in the best possible light to the broadest audience possible. Your skin is flawless, eyes are bright and open, the lips are flushed with color, and hair is falling perfectly into place. Wardrobe and background will be interesting and creative and designed to bring out your very best in coloring. The idea we are creating is that this the way you wake up every day!


This is a look defined by power, sophistication and energy. Hair is pulled back (no hiding behind it), eyes are more defined and with lips that make them want to listen to what is being said. This is also a great look for theatre headshots as well. Face on, no holds barred – you control the room.

~Ingenue/Leading Lady/Red Carpet

This is the look that makes them wonder why they haven’t “discovered” you yet. It is full out glam or the look you would have for your nine page spread in Vanity Fair. Sex kitten hair. pouty lips, eyes that scream you’ll never forget me, and sexy form fitting clothes. Basically we are adding some model aspects to your look but we keep the shoot directed to an actor with chops. You are a great actor you just happen to be drop dead gorgeous!

So this is the run down:

1) consultation to discuss stock looks and prep for your shoot

2) Get your wardrobe (5 – 6 outfits suggested).

3) Hair and make up by Robyn Ross

4) Photo session with Dean Buscher to include three looks (we shoot them inside and outside and to give you that natural light and studio look). Web gallery created to preview your photographs and two images color corrected for printing.

We have 2 bookings open for each day on May 26th, 27th, and 28th.  The first session is  at 10:00am and the second one is at  3:00pm.

Each session fee is $500 not including taxes.

Any questions please call the studio and ask to speak with Dean.


*Special note – while we have designed these three days for female actors if men are interested in the benefits of working with Robyn and myself we can schedule another day and adjust the time, price (and looks) accordingly.

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