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Posted: 03/10/10    Categories: Headshots, Vancouver actors, Vancouver photo blog

Being a photographer and working in the film industry means there  are a lot of people who knock on your door needing publicity and gallery work for their short, pilot, web series film event etc. Many of these people are your close friends and colleagues and you really want to help them out but life is full and you can’t always make it out to their gig. However this year when the Actors Fund of Canada contacted me through the IATSEE 669 office, I took a look at the work they were doing and knew it was something that I wanted to support. Living in Canada life is full of opportunities but living the artists life has implied risks many people do not anticipate. Sure, I know, we all belong to the universe but the world here owes us nothing. We are all wanting to live the dream but making it is another thing – sometimes it just takes a while. So life can be challenging but when an emergency situation comes along, artists seldom have the resources to deal and life can suddenly become unmanageable. The Actors Fund of Canada can help. The Actors Fund is the lifeline to the entertainment industry in Canada. Over 10,000 professional members of the industry from all over Canada and in the fields of film and TV, theatre, music and dance have been helped by the Fund which provides emergency financial aid to assist cultural workers in recovering from an illness, injury or other circumstances causing severe economic hardship. I sure wish I had known bout the Actors Fund some years ago. Here is to getting the word out now.

Now the shoot itself had an interesting directorial tangent. I was sent some images that were used in previous publicity campaigns, and was asked to mirror the style, look and feel. I really enjoy looking at other photographer’s work analyzing it figuring out what works how it came together – so I pretty much instantly knew what I wanted to do. And the shoot came together in less than 2 minutes the fact that it was starting to sprinkle didn’t hurt either. Julia and Maia were great, and the clouds made for perfect soft lighting.

For more information: The Actors Fund of Canada. Please leave a comment at the bottom if you want to connect or you have any questions.

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