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Paul-Andre Fortier Solo 30×30

Posted: 07/10/09    Categories: Cultural Events, Dance, Dancing on the Edge, Vancouver photo blog


Solo 30×30
Using a daring approach, Solo 30×30, offers an original concept proposed as an event/performance. Designed as a site-specific 30-minute performance, the solo piece is presented outside each day at the same place and at the same time for 30 days. The venue is an unusual place for a show. Although transitory, it is part of the city and its activities and allows for a privileged encounter between the artist, his surroundings and the public.

This piece has been performed 270 times since 2006 and has been seen by thousands of people in nine different cities around the world (Ottawa and Montreal in Canada, Yamaguchi in Japan, Nancy and Lyon in France, Newcastle and London in U.K. , Bolzano and Rome in Italy).

900 minutes of intimacy between a man and a city. A unique environmental encounter with a dancing man. Paul-André Fortier proposes a controlled drifting-off into the urban landscape where his dance is part of the street, exposing itself to good or bad weather. This dance plays no tricks and does not compromise; it simply appeals to the gaze of passers-by who then decide if they should stop or carry on. This man is dancing where one least expects it. His impertinent body reveals itself to your gaze and dares your secret desires of transgression and freedom; he is both you and himself redefining his place within the urban fabric. He expects you but is not waiting for you; you will find him without looking for him. A chance meeting with a celestial tramp. All images © Dean Buscher














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