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Kidd Pivot and “Dark Matters” at Agora de la danse

Posted: 05/15/09    Categories: Dance, Vancouver photo blog


A LITTLE VISUAL BACK STORY on some dark matters…..

Created by Vancouyver’s own Crystal Pite, Dark Matters assembles six extraordinairy performers for a moving exploration of human significance in the wake of catastrophe and planetary frailty. This new work grapples with the question of individual impact versus the crushing reality of numbers and distance.

In developing Dark Matters, Pite has divined a specific set of rules, including a requirment for chaos, and the theme of disaster: natural, personal, theatrical or global. Applying systems of order to space and scale requires a distortion, a flattening, and the sacrifice fo reality for meaning that is easily cummunicable, even if it is a diminuitive version. In this type of translation the human body becomes a microcosm of the larger forces at play; a portal that transmutes external and enormous pressures into soemthing comprehensible and tangible. The body renders the scale meaningful.

For more gallery stills: http://www.dbphotoandfilm.com/film-stills/kidd-pivot/

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