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Quinte Ballet of Canada

Posted: 09/02/09    Categories: Cultural Events, Dance, Vancouver photo blog

Way back in the spring I was taking publicity photos of Quinte Ballet of Canada. Now as the school year approaches and the website is near completion, I thought it was a good time to post some images. I have to say this one of the most enjoyable assignments I have ever had. There will […]

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Cold Reading Series

Posted: 09/01/09    Categories: Actors headshot, Cultural Events, Evolving Arts Collective, Film Events, Vancouver actors, Vancouver photo blog, Vancouver writers

Its all about the writers….. This cold read was a co production between the Hot Shot Shorts Contest Finalists (see the last post on the Celluloid Social Club) and the Evolving Arts Collective (Lori Triolo and Colin Spear). The Cold Read is an opportunity for writers to hear their scripts read by actors who have […]

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Artists on the Rise – “Vancouver Altered” a group photography exhibit

Posted: 08/19/09    Categories: Cultural Events, Fine Art Photography, Vancouver photo blog

This August I submitted an image as part of a group show to “Artists on the Rise”, an artists collective in the heart of Gallery Row on Granville St. The theme for this group show is Vancouver as an Altered Space especially in its’ preparation for the Winter Olympics. I had assumed most of the […]

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Lightning in Vancouver

Posted: 07/26/09    Categories: Vancouver photo blog

I was ready to head off to the Illuminaries festival on Saturday evening however the spectacular display from my kitchen window kept me at home . I have never seen a night sky like this before, ever, and am curious as to the geological conditions that brought it about. No matter the evening just got […]

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Vancouver Folk Music Festival

Posted: 07/18/09    Categories: Cultural Events, Music Festival, Vancouver photo blog

Iron and Wine – remarkable. Vancouver’s Folk Music Festival opened Friday night. There were the usual mix of eclectic people amazing vendors and inspiring music. For this viewer Fire and Wine stood out among all the artists. To a silent crowd one man sang with an acoustic guitar, it was a dazzling collaboration between the […]

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Night Vision- A celebration of photo art at Strathcona Park

Posted: 07/13/09    Categories: Cultural Events, Fine Art Photography, Vancouver photo blog

“NIGHT VISION  an outdoor renegade photograph projection show in Vancouver, Canada. The premise of NIGHT VISION is to bring attention to emerging photographers from around the world in a community-based setting.” Night vision featured some astounding photography as well a huge turn out of passionate photography fans. Great art work and people getting together outside […]

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Paul-Andre Fortier Solo 30×30

Posted: 07/10/09    Categories: Cultural Events, Dance, Dancing on the Edge, Vancouver photo blog

Solo 30×30 Using a daring approach, Solo 30×30, offers an original concept proposed as an event/performance. Designed as a site-specific 30-minute performance, the solo piece is presented outside each day at the same place and at the same time for 30 days. The venue is an unusual place for a show. Although transitory, it is part […]

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Critical Mass

Posted: 06/28/09    Categories: Cultural Events, Flash Mob, Vancouver photo blog

The year is 2009 and thousands of cyclists have gathered on the steps of the Art Gallery to prepare for what is now a monthly  phenomenon in Vancouver. The Critical Mass Bike Rally. With chants of “we are not blocking traffic, we are traffic,”  thousands of cyclists (that is what it looked like to me) […]

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Xenia – Rest and Restoration

Posted: 06/11/09    Categories: Spiritual Retreat, Vancouver photo blog

Bowen Island has been an immense source of artistic inspiration for me over the last year . While I have explored many natural and isolated areas around the island, my first visit was to a retreat at the north end of Killarney Lake, a place called Xenia. There is a wonderful accounting of the Greek […]

Kidd Pivot and “Dark Matters” at Agora de la danse

Posted: 05/15/09    Categories: Dance, Vancouver photo blog

A LITTLE VISUAL BACK STORY on some dark matters….. Created by Vancouyver’s own Crystal Pite, Dark Matters assembles six extraordinairy performers for a moving exploration of human significance in the wake of catastrophe and planetary frailty. This new work grapples with the question of individual impact versus the crushing reality of numbers and distance. In […]

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